British Columbia drops Holodomor bill, ignores KGB spies in province

Two weeks ago NDP MLA for Surrey-Whalley Bruce Ralston introduced Bill M 207 for Holodomor memorial day, similar legislation which has already passed elsewhere. The Victoria Times Colonist has confirmed that the bill is officially dead – along with every other NDP bill put in front of the majority Liberals:

the Liberals had good reason to cheer on election night. By defeating the NDP at the polls on May 12, Campbell had steered his party into a third straight government majority.

If the NDP doesn’t do a better job of getting some scandals to stick to government, they’ll continue to be ineffective and government will continue to roll out an unopposed agenda, Pilon said.

“I think it speaks to the arrogance of this government, and they are incredibly confident,” he said. “It seems like the Teflon premier rides again.”


The NDP Opposition tabled its own bills, but none received Liberal support, so none passed. Their proposals included:

– Memorial: Designating the fourth Saturday in November as Holodomor Memorial Day, to recognize the famine that killed millions of Ukrainians during Soviet occupation.

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It’s quite sad that politics has got in the way of paying tribute to this crime, but this is the same government who’s helping keep KGB spies in Canada. If you were wondering, yes Lennikov is still hiding in a Lutheran church and continues to receive sympathetic press – but don’t be fooled by the propaganda.

[Victoria Times Colonist]

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