I started this site to help highlight Ukrainian culture, issues and events in North America and beyond. I was born and raised in Canada and consider myself Canadian, and with its mosaic culture as opposed to the American-style melting pot I am still free to learn and connect with the vast richness of my Ukrainian heritage.

Both my parents and grandparents emigrated to Canada in the aftermath of World War 2 as refugees like many others, as the third wave in the history of Ukrainian immigration to North America. They came mainly from Germany, where millions were kidnapped from their Nazi-occupied homeland and forced to work as slave labourers during the War. After the war Europe was left in rubble and their native homeland was handed over from their previous Austral-Hungarian and Polish rulers to the USSR by the Allies during the Yalta conference. These former prisoners of wars and slave labourers under the Nazis could not return to their newly-occupied Soviet state, which branded those opposed to Soviet rule as fascists and collaborators who would be ‘repatriated’ as enemies where they would be sent to the camps in frigid Siberia or executed.

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  1. Hi,

    You asked me about my Baba book. I'm making the rounds of literary agents and fielding rejections. Sigh. You know, the usual writerly thing. Thanks for the encouragement! I like your site, too. What's your name?

  2. Are there any English transcriptions available for these interviews with Holodomor survivors?


  3. Nice to meet you, even if it’s just online. 🙂

    You are running a good blog, there is so much interesting information about us and Ukrainian common history. Thank you for this place!

    By any chance, do you know any active pro-Ukrainian organizations, groups of students, etc. in Toronto? I am Ukrainian, finishing education here, and I would really love to find people with our background. Moreover, it would be amazing to get connected to any activities of us in Canada. I appreciate a lot for any links, name or whatever.

    Thank you in advance:)

  4. Hi

    Please put this link on your facebook page and other media. http://david-dossett.artistwebsites.com/featured/hannah-lviv-ukraine-folklore-david-dossett.html

    This is a picture I painted of my daughter Hannah who is a dancer in the Maky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. They perform at several events each year, and at the annual Folklore festival in Kingston Ontario. The Ukrainian-Canadian Club of Kingston promotes Folklore. Every year, people from Kingston and beyond come together to celebrate Canadian-Ukrainian culture. This year marks 45 years of continuous participation in Folklore. Enjoy! If you like this, please share on Facebook and other social media. Also please drop me a line or post comments!. Visit me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ArtByDavidDossett

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