Lennikov and the KGB – what the media does not want you to know

Last week we gave you the facts about the Lennikov case so you can be informed while left-wing media snuffs out important details in an attempt to keep this KGB spy in Canada, defying the law and a judge order deportation. Some outlets are saying that he feared for his life and was conscripted into the KGB, while claiming he committed no crime acting as an agent for a spy agency that claimed tens of millions of lives in enslavement and murder. But what the media is telling you is quite different than what was testified before a court (emphasis mine):

For anyone interested in this case, I encourage you to read the Federal Court judgment against Lennikov, which at least provides the bare-bones facts. You can find it here:


You’ll find a lot of intriguing information there, including:

Lennikov did not fear for his personal safety if he refused to join the KGB, testifying that “he did not really fear for his life, but more for his career propects” if he turned the job down.

– His career did prosper after taking the job, as Lennikov was twice promoted within the KGB, rising to the ranks of Senior Lieutenant and Captain.

– He was not only a KGB interpreter (often the only thing reported in news stories) but also gathered personal information on students at Far Eastern State University, assessed prospective KGB informants in Japan and supervised the collection of intelligence on visiting Japanese businessmen.

– Even before he was hired by the spy agency, Lennikov passed on information about his fellow university students to the KGB, something he felt duty-bound to do as leader of Kom So Mol, a Communist Youth League.

Read more [via the Province]

As more attention is payed to the actual investigation rather than the media sensation, Lennikov is not the innocent pawn they’d have you believe:

This was not lost on the Federal Court, which ruled Lennikov “must have known that the information that he gathered was being used by the KGB for espionage purposes.”

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