Top 10 posts of 2009

Here are the Top 10 posts of 2009 on this site. It’s been quite a year! Ukrainian Independence Day festivals 2009 The last secret of WW2: Operation Keelhaul – Betrayal of the Cossacks in Lienz Are ‘Ukrainian Christmas’ and ‘Ukrainian Easter’ coming to an end? Happy Ukrainian Christmas Ukrainian Congress Committee secretary gunned down in […]

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Yanukovych shows his Russian allegiance in Canadian Press interview

While the mainstream media tries to bury the Orange Revolution conveniently before next month’s Presidential election, the Canadian Press held a surprisingly insightful interview the pro-Russian candidate Viktor Yanukovych who didn’t hold back on who his allegiance is with: Viktor Yanukovych, whose Kremlin-backed election victory in 2004 was overturned by the Supreme Court amid allegations […]

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Ukrainian food on Mad Men

I flipped on a Mad Men marathon yesterday on TV and came across a scene that caught my attention: I did a quick search on it and the character Paul Kinsey (played by Michael Gladis) has a love for Ukrainian food after all: Q: What’s up with Paul and Ukrainian food? A: I did a […]

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