Top 10 posts of 2009

Here are the Top 10 posts of 2009 on this site. It’s been quite a year!

  1. Ukrainian Independence Day festivals 2009
  2. The last secret of WW2: Operation Keelhaul – Betrayal of the Cossacks in Lienz
  3. Are ‘Ukrainian Christmas’ and ‘Ukrainian Easter’ coming to an end?
  4. Happy Ukrainian Christmas
  5. Ukrainian Congress Committee secretary gunned down in Binghamton massacre
  6. Canada becomes first nation to recognize Holodomor as Genocide
  7. PBS Frontline airing ‘Sex Slaves’ this week
  8. Yarmarok 2009 announced at St. Mary’s in Mississauga (Updated)
  9. Lennikov hides in church to avoid deportation, call for action to remove all KGB from Canada
  10. TV show reveals Ukrainian internment

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