Ukrainian on The Wire

From Episode 2×01 Ebb Tide: Ziggy embarrasses Nick by talking too much and offending Sergei, a Ukrainian driver, by calling him Boris (and Russian) The Wire is a critically acclaimed show that highlights the end of the American empire through the lens of the Baltimore police fighting the different faucets of crime in their city. […]

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Ukrainian pavilion at Globalfest in Calgary for the next 2 weeks

Globafest 2008 starts tomorrow, running from August 11 – 23 in Calgary, AB: “Vitiayemo!” Welcome! The Tradition of Tryzub is the tradition of Excellence. Let our music and dazzling entertainment keep your feet tapping and your heart racing. Returning from recent performances in Mexico, New York and Las Vegas, Calgary’s world famous Tryzub Ukrainian Dance […]

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Holodomor Flame in South America

This month was a busy one for the International Holodomor Flame as it toured South America. It left Ottawa for one-day visits to Columbia, then Ecuador as well as Peru in its first week. Its second week was spent in Brazil and made several stops. Brazil has the third largest diaspora population, outside the US […]

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