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Here are some more articles that came out of the media for Christmas. I know there are still a few of you who are celebrating this weekend, so enjoy!

Roman said the family, while still celebrating the “commercial Christmas” on Dec. 25, works together to keep their Ukrainian Christmas tradition alive by celebrating each year.

Anna said the family works hard to maintain tradition, although it can be difficult with so many people celebrating Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar.

She said it’s important for her children to know “where they came from,” and the traditions derived from their heritage.

“It defines who you are,” Roman said of one’s background. “We call ourselves Ukrainian-Canadians.”

Christmas has a special place in the lives of many Ukrainian Canadians, Luciw said.

“It is a time to appreciate the many blessings we enjoy and cherish, including our loving families, our sense of Ukrainian community and our Christian faith.”

Eastern churches celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7.

  • Hot 103FM out of Winnipeg sings us for the 12 Days of Ukrainian Christmas:

While many Christians are preparing to take down their trees, Orthodox Christians — and some Catholics around the world — are celebrating Christmas this week. [Thanks UkeMonde]

Unfortunately some news media still get it wrong that it’s not only Orthodox Christians who celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7th but Eastern Rite Catholics as well:

Clad in traditional outfits, children stroll during Orthodox Christmas Eve celebrations in the centre of the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. — PHOTO: AFP

Not sure about this one, but the majority of Lviv’s residence are Catholic (Eastern Rite) and celebrate Christmas on he same day.

Hogmanay has passed. So has Ukrainian Christmas…

Published: January 06, 2010 3:00 PM

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