Roaring for lion’s restoration [Article]

From the Whig Standard:

A century-old Kingston landmark — the cast iron lion statue in Macdonald Park — could be restored this year thanks to the Ukrainian Canadian Club of Kingston.

The club is celebrating a hundred years of settlement in Kingston in 2010.

“It’s a way of saying thank you to Kingston,” said club spokes -man Lubomyr Luciuk. “It’s a way of conserving a statue that thousands of Kingstonians have had their pictures taken on over the years.”

For 40 years, the Ukrainian club has hosted its Lviv pavilion at Folklore. Most of Kingston’s Ukrainian community would have come from the region around the city of Lviv.

Lviv is derived from the name “Lev,” which means lion.

Once the project receives city approval, the Ukrainian club will commission MST Bronze Ltd. of Toronto to do the repair work. The city would likely pay for a new concrete base.

An accompanying plaque will note the original owner, as well as the Ukrainian club’s contribution to restore it, in three languages — English, French and Ukrainian.

It’s hoped the lion will be ready for unveiling in June.

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