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Ukrainian, no wait Russian, err… well at least they mention ‘the Ukraine’ on 30 Rock

Just starting watching 30 Rock, and saw this gem on Season 1 Episode 10:


Jack is on the phone with Maureen Dowd when Tracy shows up asks him for $100,000. Jack tells him that this is not possible, but says that he has a better idea: use his celebrity image to endorse a product. After Tracy agrees, he comes up with "The Tracy Jordan Meat Machine". Armed with an "endorsement" from Dr. Spaceman (Chris Parnell) and hook-ups from Jack, the product is finally ready for sale. Soon after, a series of product defects prompts Tracy to tell Jack that he does not wish to endorse the product any longer. Jack finds a way to make it work: by rebranding it as a Whoopi Goldberg-endorsed product targeted for Ukraine.

I couldn’t understand Whoopi reading the phonetically correct cue cards, so I had to run this by Taras who confirmed that she was speaking Russian. But at least the sign is in Ukrainian. Points lost for ‘the Ukraine’ though, shame on you Alec Baldwin we are the Irish of the West!


At least they gave some free publicity to the Ukrainian Museum-Archive in Cleveland:

In a recent episode of NBC’s 30 Rock, Liz mulls over a move from New York to Cleveland.

On the show’s website, a colorful map of Cleveland is featured along with directions to our very own Ukrainian Museum-Archives .

We aren’t certain as to why we are featured but as our Director Andy Fedynsky noted, this certainly "puts us on the map!"