Visit Ukraine’s best frescoes and mosaics this weekend

image The Google Art Project puts some of the world’s best art online. Users can visit the Met in NYC, the Tate in London, and even the AGO in Toronto. Earlier this week Worldwide News Ukraine pointed out that the project has now added two galleries from Kyiv: Saint Sophia of Kyiv and Ivan Honchar Museum of Folk Art.



 Saint Sophia of Kyiv

Underneath the iconic golden domes of this Kyivan-Rus temple of Christianity lies over 260 square metres of rich frescoes and 3000 square metres of mosaics, many of which are still intact almost a millennium later from the 11th century.

View the gallery






Ivan Honchar Museum of Folk Art

Originally the private collection of Ivan Honchar who was charged with nationalism under the Soviets and monitored by the KGB, this collection boasts over 15,000 items from as early as the 16th century – including folklore hero Cossack Mamay.

View the gallery



The Government of Canada also has a virtual exhibit on early Ukrainian settlers to the prairies.

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