Communism returns in Sochi, Russia for Olympics

Watching the Olympics closing ceremony last Sunday, a video clip for the upcoming 2014 winter games in Sochi, Russia aired. Shockingly among the Russian scenes was the Communist sculpture ‘Worker and Kolkhoz Woman‘ featuring the dreaded hammer and sickle. It’s very disturbing how these images of oppression and murder, the darkest periods of modern history are to be glorified in the spirit of the Olympics:

A video of it is also available:

There are some groups already out there opposing the 2014 Sochi games, definitely check them out:

revoke the games

6 thoughts on “Communism returns in Sochi, Russia for Olympics”

  1. How interesting, and how tragic. This is the first I have heard of the Circassians and the ethnic cleansing they sufferedunder Moscow… much as the Chechens are now suffering. It's very sad, and discouraging, to see how little progress has been made in that country.

    Sadder still is the west's ignorance of Moscow's barbarity, and/or indifference to the sufferring of Moscow's victims… which would include millions of decent Russian citizens who live their lives in daily fear.

  2. This is shameful, but hardly surprising. Under Putin, Russia has retained so many aspects of Soviet rule. I recent report by Reporters Without Borders issued a scathing critique of the lack of a free press in Russia.

    But as Pawlina noted in her comment, the real tragedy is the lack of a response from the rest of the world. Never mind outrage, the rest of the world seldom seems annoyed by Russia's refusal to renounce aspects of its Soviet past.

  3. Why all the hysteria?

    The Georgian agressors were rightfully raped after they tried to invade a sovereign state.


  4. Well Andrew, looks like your prediction is spot on.

    Such comments as “rightfully raped” make it pretty clear why “east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.”

    It will take a lot more than Sochi 2014 to rid the east of its barbarians. Assuming it's even possible.

  5. Only fools are afraid of symbols. And only self-righteous fools with overinflated egos think that millions of people should hear them and be busy dismantling or installing these or those symbols for some unintelligible higher purpose. Mind your own business, West, and when you are going to play white knight in shining armour, don't forget to wash blood from your own hands.

  6. @17ur
    the americas have wrestled with their own colonial and bloody practices in a way that is a million times better than has russia. they’ve acknowledged their actions (atleast to a degree), and this idea is very relevant in academia, whereas in russia, acknowledgement of their genocides is not only DENIED but INTENTIONALLY HIDDEN and for that reason, IS CONTINUAL and NEVER ENDING. they create fake academic conferences to scrap up what measly documentation they can call evidence to try to prove against their genocides, actively trying to hide their own crimes. what is unfortunate is that they haven’t realized that people who seek justice don’t just go away; they’re sweeping the dust under the rug and it’s only gaining critical mass.

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