Yanukovych’s first act: Holodomor dedication removed from Presidential website

Yanukovych & PutinAfter being inaugurated yesterday it looks like Yanukoych’s pro-Russian agenda wasted no time in getting started. Today on the Presidential website a section to the dedication of the genocide that was the Holodomor was removed.

This is what the page used to have (thanks Google cache):

But now there’s nothing. Who to complain to? Yanukovych has an official feedback form that’s worth a try (or maybe it will put you on a secret blacklist). Anyways it’s good to make your voice heard. I guess they are finally accepting Yanukovych’s candy after all!

[Thanks Ucrania-Mozambique for pointing this out]

Update: Also Ukrainiana points out that the official Ukrainian Presidents Twitter page is now defunct as well.

5 thoughts on “Yanukovych’s first act: Holodomor dedication removed from Presidential website”

  1. Well, here we have the beginnings of a Putin strategy of military intervention as took place in Georgia. Civil unrest in eastern Ukraine, and Yanukovych asks the Russians for help. In comes the red machine goons,tanks and all.

  2. This is a slap in the face to all those who perished in this heinous genocide, and an embarassment to all Ukrainians.

  3. Have we ever considered that maybe Yushchenko was the one with the agenda?

    After all his rise to power in 2004/5 required much more money than Yanykovich's in 2010. And its no secret where he got it.

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