Ukrainian on Corner Gas

I was watching a Corner Gas marathon yesterday (a popular Canadian comedy), and noticed this episode which had a strong Ukrainian theme:

When Emma gives Brent flack over his coffee drinking, he vows to quit cold turkey if she quits knitting. As Brent struggles in a caffeine-free world, Emma takes up a new pastime with Oscar to counter her knitting needle withdrawal. But the cure may be worse than the addiction. To keep Emma preoccupied, she and Oscar go to a Ukrainian festival where Oscar gets hooked on the culture. Meanwhile Davis and Karen start a ride-along program that becomes a little too popular and Hank is at the mercy of his new electronic organizer. (Season 3 Episode 4: Dog River Vice)

They filmed this episode in the Fall of 2005 with the help of Regina’s Tavria Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble:

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2 thoughts on “Ukrainian on Corner Gas

  1. You post interesting stuff, Andrew!:)

    Well, actually, the country that has the largest number of ethnic Ukrainians (outside Ukraine) is Russia. But they're heavily Russified there.

    Good point about Ukraine being Ukraine, not “the Ukraine”:)

  2. Thanks Taras 🙂

    I noticed a few Ukie sounding names in the credits and since it's filmed out in the Praries where there's a large Ukie population it makes sense!

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