Feds’ witch hunt isn’t punishing real war criminals [Article]

From the Toronto Sun:

The government has been after Oberlander since 1995, along with other Ukrainian-born individuals conscripted to work for the Germans in WWII, often as prison guards, some on pain of death to their families if they deserted, as some did.

None of the mostly Ukrainian-Canadians now on lists was ever proven to have been a Nazi sympathizer — just that they’d been conscripted, and hadn’t declared this connection, when they entered Canada.

In fact, there is no hard evidence that any of them “lied” to immigration authorities on entering Canada, just the “probability” they didn’t tell the whole truth. In fact, most records have long since vanished.

All major Nazi war criminals have been convicted or have died. Only small fry are left, and evidence is frail that any are war criminals.

Ukrainians conscripted as teenagers by Nazis have tended to be branded as suspect war criminals by the media, which overstates their “crime.”

Anyway, Oberlander is once again a Canadian citizen, and with luck his ordeal is over.

[Toronto Sun] via UkeMonde

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