Happy American Thanksgiving

A few heart warming stories from the US while they celebrate Thanksgiving:

From My Atlanta Fox:

Dr. Gary Stillwagon, an Atlanta radiation oncologist, was visiting the Ukraine doing charity work when he was invited to an engagement party by a friend. That’s where Alexander and Nelya Kyzmych told Dr. Stillwagon about their son, Michael who had been battling an aggressive form of cancer.

“It turned out he had a deadly brain cancer. He had surgery and needed radiation treatment. But they had no way to get it there, so they were stuck and they were going to let him die because they had no chance. So all of a sudden I said, what he needs is what I do!” said Dr. Stillwagon.

Immediately, Dr. Stillwagon went to work to secure the funds and visas needed to get the live-saving procedure done here in the U.S. In a record time of six weeks, the Kyzmychs received an emergency medical visa to come to Atlanta and be treated. All of the treatments performed and paid for by Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia.

With simple radiation, not available in their country and too expensive in the U.S., Michael Kyzmych went from having no chance of surviving the cancer to being able to be in total remission.

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The charity, Struggling Kids, is an organization that exists to help destitute children and women in Ukraine who experience significant struggles, often just to survive.

Also, from the  New York Times a little Thanksgiving blessing Ukrainian style:

At my wedding nine years ago, I gave a toast, in Ukrainian, to my grandparents. Baba and Deedo were second parents to my brother and me growing up in Cleveland, and we spent many Saturdays sleeping at their house. At night, Baba would sit by me on the bed, which she had fitted with half a dozen pillows so that I’d be cushioned head-to-toe at every turn, and tell me colorful stories.

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