Prof. Andrea Graziosi on Stalin and the Holodomor [Interview]

The following is an interview with Prof. Andrea Graziosi of the University of Naples on Stalin and the Holodomor:

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Andrea Graziosi is Professor of History at the University of Naples "Federico II" and President (from 2007) of the Italian Society for the Study of Contemporary History. He is the author, among other things, of:

  • Lettere da Kharkov (Torino, 1991 and Kharkiv, 2007)
  • The Great Soviet Peasant War (Cambridge, MA, 1996 and Moscow, 2001),
  • Bol’sheviki i krest’iane na Ukraine, 1918-1919 (Moscow, 1997)
  • A New, Peculiar State. Explorations in Soviet History (Westport, CT, 2000)
  • Guerra e rivoluzione in Europa, 1905-1956 (Bologna, 2002, Kyiv and Moscow, 2005)
  • L’Urss di Lenin e Stalin, 1914-1945 (Bologna, 2007)
  • L’Urss dal trionfo al degrado, 1945-1991 (Bologna, 2008)

He serves on editorial boards of a number of French, English, Italian, Ukrainian and U.S. specialized journals, co-edits in Moscow, since 1992, the series "Dokumenty sovetskoi istorii" (15 volumes in print) and is a member of the editorial board of the series Istoriia Stalinizma (Rosspen, Moscow).

Telephone interview with historian Dr. Andrea Graziosi, conducted by Roman Brytan, producer & host of Radiozhurnal, Edmonton’s daily Ukrainian radio program on 101.7 World FM.

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