Adventures in Pysanky making (Updated)

Had some people over last night to make some pysanky! Picked up my supplies at Koota Ooma in the west end of Toronto and used the design from




I used my kistka (‘keest-ka’) to dig out some beeswax and hold it over a candle to melt.  The melted beeswax is then applied to the egg, whatever colour the egg is is what the beeswax covered part will be. Then we place the egg in coloured dye and start again. When you’re done you you hold the egg for the candle and wipe off the wax. Do you think my final result looks like the original? 🙂

Update: Here’s some feedback I received from a Ukrainian Arts mailing list on my creation:

a very nice vzir. the lines are a bit ‘blobby’ – that may be due to improper wax temperature? not hot enough? or an unsteady hand?

is this your first pysanka that you have ever written?

Andriyu, you are just going back to the original!

What do you think?

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