Ukrainian news round-up – St. Patrick’s Day edition 2009

Top news stories about Ukrainians, Ukraine and beyond!


  • The New York Times is shedding some light on the Holodomor – but CyberCossack reminds us who helped cover it up in the first place.
  • US President Barack Obama should stop encouraging Georgia and Ukraine’s bids to join NATO in order to improve relations with Moscow, a bipartisan commission recommended in a report Monday. Led by former senators Gary Hart (D) and Chuck Hagel (R) who were received last week by Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, the commission took aim at NATO’s eastward expansion.
  • French defence minister Herve Morin said any future NATO enlargement must take Russia into account. Any expansion of NATO to include countries such as Georgia and Ukraine cannot happen without consultation with Russia, Mr Morin said, ahead of a parliamentary vote on France’s return to the alliance’s military structures. NATO has so far maintained that Russia does not have a veto over the alliance’s enlargement policy, despite the visible influence it has on some of its members, such as Germany and France, who last year blocked further steps in Georgia and Ukraine’s accession process. At US insistence, they were however promised they could become NATO members at some undefined point in the future.
  • The Obama administration has proposed to triple the IMF’s resources from their current level of about $250 billion to salvage emerging markets, including Eastern Europe. In Ukraine, a former Soviet republic that does not enjoy the political benefits of E.U. membership, the stakes are especially high. There, industrial production has plunged by almost a third since the beginning of the crisis; living standards for 46 million people are starting to collapse. The weaker and more chaotic Ukraine becomes, the likelier it is that Russia will attempt to reassert hegemony over it. A Putinized Ukraine would be a disaster for that country, Europe and the United States.
  • Pictures have been released of the Ukrainian MV Faina getting hijacked of Somali pirates.


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