Dalton McGuinty: Ontario needs a Holodomor bill

After last year’s attempt at recognizing the Holodomor as genocide in Ontario was shelved (ie.  politely rejected), MPP of Brantford Dave Levac re-introduced the bill last month as the Holodomor Memorial Day Act 2009. The purpose of the Bill is to make the fourth Saturday in November in each year Holodomor Memorial Day. Unfortunately the bill is receiving a similar fate as it was referred to a committee after it’s second reading so it can idle there until it expires like last year’s.

The League of Ukrainian Canadians didn’t take this lightly and sent out a note to its readers and urged them contact their Members of Provincial Parliament:

As the Holodomor has affected us all, we encourage you to write the Premier to share your support for this legislation and encourage its speedy passage. To ease this process, we have included a sample letter for you to consider, as well as some key points we encourage you to express in your communication to the Government of Ontario.

Read the entire post, including the sample letter

It’s an impressive effort, put together jointly with other MP’s Cheri DiNovo (NDP Parkdale-High Park) and Frank Klees (PC Newmarket-Aurora) and it’s definitely one I’m behind. In the past year alone we saw Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, the entire country and even the USA recognize the Holodomor as genocide.

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