PM plans to Perogy Parliament

From the way the ball bounces:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper intends to perogy Parliament. That’s right, in the great Western Canadian tradition, he will be serving up a hot, yummy dish of conciliatory Ukrainian perogies.

The Liberals, Bloq, Greens, and even Jack Lenin will find them irresistible!

And that’s the way the perogied Ball bounces.

Interesting times in Canadian politics, where Stephen Harper is asking the Governor General for a temporary halt to Parliament or snap elections.

Edit:  Oh those bloggers, it’s not perogy it’s prorogue parliament:

After a televised appeal to national unity that raised the spectre of separatism, the Prime Minister arrives at Rideau Hall to ask that Parliament be prorogued until January

From the dictionary:

pro·rogue (pr-rg)

tr.v. pro·rogued, pro·rogu·ing, pro·rogues

1. To discontinue a session of (a parliament, for example).
2. To postpone; defer.

2 thoughts on “PM plans to Perogy Parliament”

  1. Ah…I was waiting for it. Finally some humour. It is Christmas and perogy does go down better than prorogue. Thank you! Of course there is always room for tourtiere, turkey,

  2. pickeral, moose meat, curry etc., and all else that is Canadian. Merry Christmas. Politicians….take a holiday and give us a rest! We have business to take care of as our economy struggles….leave us to it.

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