Movie review: The English Surgeon

Earlier this Spring I was lucky enough to catch this great documentary called The English Surgeon at HotDocs, an intimate portrait of a brain surgeon working in an ill-equipped Ukrainian hospital and dealing with the moral and ethical issues that often exist between doctor and patient relationships.

It was an amazing movie to see, and it ended up winning the HotDocs festival.  When the movie was released on DVD it was only available in England but I was lucky enough to have some friends bring it over and it has been a pleasure to watch again.  Here is a trailer of the movie and some screenshots (click on them for a larger image):

Edit: I’m happy to report that now the DVD is available to all on their official site and finally comes in NTSC format which can be played on North American DVD players.  It’s about 16 pounds to purchase, but with the pound coming down recently now is a great to come to buy it!

Edit #2: While the entire movie can now be found on YouTube, it would be great to support the author and buy the DVD.

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  1. Great, I’m going to get a NTSC copy for sure! Truth to be told I accidentally published this artcle after only writing the teaser but I should have the full review up soon.

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