Summer festivals

Earlier this month the Ukrainian Cultural Insitute held a Ukrainian Festival in Bizmark, North Dakota (video), the 33rd Annual Ukrainian Festival in Verkhovyna was held  in Glen Spey, New York (article).  Ohio hosted the Fifth Annual Ukrainian Festival along with an Arts Festival a week prior in Youngstown. The Ukrainian Homestead hosted the Ukrainian American Heritage Foundation Workshop in Pocono, Pennsylvania and the Alpha Omega Alumnae with Canadian Idol Finalist Theresa Sokyrka presented the Golden Jubilee in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Last Saturday was the Ukrainian Festival in Sycause, New York amongst the other cultural festivals.  The next day it was the 74th annual Ukrainian Seminary Day in Primrose, Nebrasksa, the 61st annual Ukrainian Festival in Elmira, New York (video) and over 3,000 strong packed the 60th annual Ukrainian Festival in Chemung County, New York (video).

This Friday will be the Canadian National Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin, Manitoba.  This Sunday there will be a Ukrainian Festival in Whippany, New Jersey which will feature the newly constructed Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey as well as the annual Ukrainian Day Festival in Edmonton, Alberta.  Don’t forget on the weekend of August 23rd and 24th look for a slew of Ukrainian events to celebrate Ukrainian Independence.

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