The Globe and Mail making waves with genocide denial

Last week the Globe and Mail after briefly covering Canada’s recognization of the Holodomor as Genocide, decided to re-hash an old op-ed from a Russian newspaper written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn of the Gulag Archipelago fame. Solzhenitsyn made the world aware of the brutality of the Gulag and the Soviet labour camp system, and was jailed and even exiled for his writings and his family property turned into a collective farm. In 1994 he was allowed to return to Russia, and his anti-communism views dissolved into rampant Russian nationalism.

While some newspapers printed his writings at the time the lower house of Russian Parliament vehemently denied the genocide, the Globe and Mail decided to also publish it – two months later.

An outcry poured out from the Ukrainian community, and the Globe and Mail almost a week later printed miniscule rebuttals while better ones from much more credible people existed elsewhere.

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