Holodomor Flame tours East Coast

Last weekend, the Holodomor Remembrance Flame made its way to Chicago (pictures here) after receiving little media attention from the West Coast. Unfortunately there was no mention in the Chicago media, such as the Times or the Tribune, despite the large population of Ukrainians there.

During the week the Flame made its way to Parma, Ohio where it received some media attention (video here).

Off to Pittsburgh next where I couldn’t find any reports on its passage there. The day after that on Thursday it headed to Buffalo where a local news station covered it (even calling it a genocide!). The Flame was presented there by a Holodomor survivor, Mrs. Dranka. Last night the flame was in Rochester, no reports have popped up yet.

Today the Flame heads to Connecticut where it is receiving a very good amount of press anticipating its arrival. UPDATE: A newspaper article covering the event.

UPDATE #2: Pictures from the Holodomor Torch and Walk Against Genocide in Battery Park NY May 27 2008

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