Holodomor Remembrance Flame in Alberta

The Edmonton Journal (and to a lesser extent the Edmonton Sun) ran articles of the Holodomor Remembrance Flame coming to Edmonton as part of its Canadian, American and World Tour of 33 countries. The day prior the Flame was in Vegreville. Presenting the flame in Canada is 87-year old Holodomor survivor Stefan Horlatsch who was 12 during the famine:

“There were many sad moments,” Horlatsch said, addressing students at Balwin. “I hope I can awaken us about what happened 75 years ago.”

Horlatsch spoke of the agony of losing 11 family members during the famine, while eating anything he could find in the woods to survive.

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“When I one day visited the house, there were three dead bodies already in the house and nobody was even planning to bury them because they were not strong enough,” said Horlatsch, who now lives in Toronto.

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The tour continues on to Red Deer and Calgary tonight.

UPDATE: The flame double-backed to Edmonton on Saturday, being presented at the Alberta Legislature. Pictures are available here and here (thanks CyberCossack).

UPDATE #2: Pictures from Calgary are here!

UPDATE #3: Found some more pictures from the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton on Flickr.

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