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Ignatieff promotes sacked MPs including Borys amid sinking popularity

Things haven’t been looking so good lately for Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff:

Michael Ignatieff’s leadership woes worsened Thursday, after some Liberal senators effectively gutted law-and-order legislation that the Liberal Leader had supported and the Senate adjourned for a week before the problem could be fixed.

Mr. Ignatieff is paying the political cost of a disunited caucus and plunging poll numbers. He desperately needs to change a public perception that, fairly or not, portrays him as an ineffective leader who cannot even control his own MPs.

To help heal a splitting party, Ignatieff has been promoting Toronto MPs. One of those is Borys Wrzesnewskyj, whom Ignatieff removed from his shuffle cabinet only earlier this year. Wrzesnewskyj is now the Special Advisor for Emerging Democracies:

"I am truly honoured that the leader has given me the tremendous responsibility of serving as Special Advisor for Emerging Democracies. I was privileged not only to bear witness, but to take an active part in the processes that saw the flowering of democracies in former Warsaw Pact countries and in former Soviet Republics," said Mr. Wrzesnewskyj

.“As I personally witnessed in Georgia during the civil war in 1994, these transitions were often difficult, but many countries that were part of the Soviet Block have emerged from totalitarianism into fragile but promising democracies."