Newly discovered western-Ukrainian classical scores premieres Sunday

imageCatch a rare opportunity to hear World-renowned Canadian opera singers perform recently discovered works by western Ukrainian classical composers from different eras in ‘GALICIANS I: The Art Songs’:

When & Where:

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014
3 PM
Koerner Hall, Toronto, ON

Tickets: can be purchased at the Koerner Hall website or by calling 416-408-0208.


The concert is from the Ukrainian Art project which aims to promote the classical treasures of Ukrainian art-song. The project recorded over 300 recordings from Ukrainian composers such as Mykola Lysenko, Kyryko Stetsenko and Yakiv StepovyiThe. Sunday they will debut to the world the recently discovered art songs of:

  • Denys Sichynsky – late-romantic period, the first professionally trained Western Ukrainian composer.
  • Wasyl Barvinsky – impressionist era, imprisoned by Soviet authorities for 10 years and destroyed much of his work which some have yet to be rediscovered
  • Stanyslav Liudkevych – post-romantic era,
  • Stefania Turkewich – modernist, Ukraine’s first female composer

Buy the music

Music from the Ukrainian Art Project is for sale:

Taras Shechenko’s poetry is presented as song

Music from Kyrylo Stetsenko

Music from Mykola Lysenko, the father of Ukrainian classical music

Music from Yakiv Stepovyi

The music is also available on iTunes and Google Play

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