The long-lost CBC documentary – Ukrainian-Canadians: A Time to Remember

In 1988 the CBC produced a great documentary exploring the history of Ukraine, its culture and its politics as it reached across to Canada through 100 years of immigration. It covers the origins of Ukrainian nationalism, the waves of immigration to Canada and their challenges, and even looking forward as to what it means to be a Canadian of Ukrainian descent – before the collapse of the Soviet Union! It was produced in commemoration of 1,000 years of Christianity in Ukraine and I highly recommend a watch, if for anything the 80’s hair-do’s and aviator glasses Smile:

[Ukrainian-Canadians: A Time to Remember]

Please keep in mind this off a VHS tape, so the quality isn’t as great as the videos nowadays. I just happened to stumble across this video at the library, and I couldn’t find any more information about it online, and had never heard about it before. It has no DVD version that I’m aware of, and is not on the CBC Archives site.

As the government dismantles their libraries , and the CBC abandons their music archives, along with the transition to digital, I wonder how many great Ukrainian works will be lost to time? It’s happened to civilizations before us.

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  1. Hi, I am from Poltava, Ukraine. I enjoyed watching these videos, thank you very much. Tough, tough times for our people. I now can see that it was not easy for our people to settle down in Canada. Honestly, at times when I was watching these videos, a thought pop up in my mind that you guys are more Ukrainians than we are, although we live in Ukraine. I guessing that most of the people who immigrated to Canada were from Western Ukraine. You speak Ukrainian, while we here, at lest in Poltava and the center of Ukraine, predominantly speak Russian 🙁 Which is too bad. Regards, Alex.

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