Demjanjuk update: German law leaves him innocent after death

It’s not being publicized as much as his death, but John Demjanjuk’s vindication may have come as the result of his passing last week:

Munich state court spokeswoman Margarete Noetzel said this week that under German law, Demjanjuk is “still technically presumed innocent,” because he died before his final appeal could be heard, and “a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Asked by Haaretz if that means there is no record of Demjanjuk’s conviction, Noetzel replied, “Yes, it means Mr. Demjanjuk has no criminal record.”

Since Demjanjuk’s conviction cannot be validated legally, due to his death, the conviction remains “merely as an historic fact,” Noetzel said.

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“After my client’s death, a false statement was distributed to the effect that Mr. Demjanjuk died as a convicted war criminal,” Busch told Haaretz in an exchange of e-mails. “The German and international media accepted this version and sullied my client, portraying him as one who led 28,000 people to the gas chambers.”

Busch said he demanded the legal authorities in Germany issue a clarification saying his client “died innocent and without conviction,” and that his conviction by a lower court “is invalid.

“The statement issued now clears my client’s name and restores his dignity,” he said.

“It’s a great consolation to his family, which is grieving over the loss of a husband and father, who died alone in far away Germany,” Busch added.

Good news for Demjanjuk’s family, as now they face a new hurdle in attempting to give him his final resting place in Ohio:

Efraim Zuroff, who leads the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, believes funeral in his adopted hometown would turn into a spectacle

He said: ‘I have no doubt that a funeral in Seven Hills would turn into a demonstration of solidarity and support for Demjanjuk, who’s the last person on earth who deserves any sympathy, frankly.’

Unfortunately for German law, the verdict remains and leaves the new and dangerous precedent:

The Demjanjuk judgment set a major precedent as this was the first time a German court convicted someone solely on the basis of serving as a camp guard, with no evidence of being involved in a specific killing

Sixty years after the end of World War II, Demjanjuk was one of a handful of living Nazi prison camp guards who can still be brought to trial. After years of reluctance, German authorities are now racing to bring the others to trial.

The so-called ‘evidence’ of him being a camp guard was being appealed, as even an FBI agent concluded the only piece of evidence (which came from the KGB of all places) was a fake. Will the new precedent be used to prosecute top-ranking Nazi officials? No – many of them were exonerated and even participated in the new government of a ‘free’ Germany:

A total of 25 cabinet ministers, one president and one chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany — as postwar Germany is officially known — had been members of Nazi organizations

For years, the notion that partisans of the Nazi regimes were able to manipulate their way into the top levels of government in the young federal republic, and that former Nazi Party members set the tone in a country governed by the postwar constitution in the 1950s and 60s has been a subject for historians.

Just how brown — the color most associated with the Nazis — were the first years of postwar West Germany?

4 thoughts on “Demjanjuk update: German law leaves him innocent after death”

  1. Demjanjuk was a political prisoner. He was the poster child for any and all alleged crimes that Ukrainians perpetrated against Jews, during the second world war. He had to pay for that reason and would not have been found not guilty even if and when he was actually innocent of any crimes, even by the standards of the current time, instead of that time.
    Thousands of Soviet mass murderers of Ukrainians and others died peacefully in their sleep of old age and there was never any great push to bring them to justice. I guess Ukrainians were just not worthy, and we were still considered by the world elite to be “Der Untermensch” that Hitler dubbed us.

  2. One of those Soviet Mass Murderers which died peacefully in his sleep, was Lazar Kaganovich, a Russian Jew!

    On the other hand, another White Russian Jew, by the name of Raphael Lemkin which studied law, at the University of Lviv, did not agree with Hitler’s dubbing of Ukrainians as “Der Untermensch”.

    Furthermore, the CIA which received the false incriminating evidence from the KGB, knew full well, that the evidence was false, and the man, Demjanjiuk not Ivan the Terrible, nor the other Nicknamed Terrible, was being falsely framed by Communists and KGBs jealous of him having good life, and good family here in America.

    Now, all along, before 2002, before his citizenship was revoked, again on pretexts of false evidence, his rights as an American Citizen, meaning:

    right to a quick and speedy trial, and due process of law,

    as well as the right to be recognized as innocent until proven guilty,

    and his right to a trial by a jury of his peers, which are not in Israel, but are either those growing up in his generation, and in his time in Western Ukraine, part of Poland at the time, or fellow Auto Plant workers from Detroit Michigan, ergo Israel had no jurisdiction in this dispute, especially on any information from such a injust place as the Soviet Union at the time. There is no such thing as justice in the Soviet Union, when people tried to make eachother believe in such a thing as a soviet union, and no such thing in the tragedy of what people have called, or call Russia now! The Soviet Union did not exist, because there was no union, just a bunch of people seeking to kill and persecute others, and there is no such thing as Russia now, or after the name was changed from Muscowy and Kingdom.

    what is now called Russia, yet born from its mother, Mongolia, and father Kublai Kahn, is still so unstable, that to even call it a nation, on par with the likes of Palestine is a grave mistake!!!! Very grave mistake indeed, …and an even more grave mistake is to partake in believing in such a thing, as the possibility of the people living in Mongolian Muscowy and Kingdom ever even having known that other peoples around the globe actually have something called justice, respect for rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, and democraticly representative government.

    Why is there no such thing as a Soviet Union? Because the whole name is misleading and false!

    Because they were called Soviet Republics, and they were not republics!

    Why, …well look up the definition of Republic:

    A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president…

    There were never any legitimate elections in the place titled the Soviet Union, and never any power held by the people living there, either, hence therefore, there never was any real such thing as a Soviet Union!

    To be really, very clear, look up the definition of noun, Soviet:

    a. an elected council in a communist country,

    b. the people and especially the political and military leaders of a union of soviet socialist republics

    and there never was any such thing. It was always a dictatorship of one sort of another, and a great abuse on every people oppressed by such horendous, bloodthirsty and murderous leaders.

    hence the only name for the land formerly called Muscowy and Kingdom, is “land of Mongolian Tragedy, in-breeders, pagans, horse blood drinkers, and Kahn’s great orgies” it has never changed from this to anything else, no matter what you change the name of such an uncivilized people to being!

    Russian, is a name given to Vikings, or Scandinavians, and the peoples living in Musvowy and Kingdom are not Germanic, like the Scandinavians, a true European people, …

    the peoples living in the Muscowy and Kingdom region on the Volga are not even Slavic-Scythian either!

    The peoples living there are of an ethnicity mixed by Mongolian-Finno-Urgic Peoples, which are not Europeans! They are foreigners on the Eastern Door step to Europe, hence being so, some persons wich to call the area Eurasia, forgetting a finely defined boundary called the Ural Mountains, similar to the Pyranees, another natural boundary between France and Spain, but no one goes and calls these two nations, FranSpania! So, ergo any name you call it, all it is, was, and ever has been is a hodgepodge of Asiatic people’s living on Eastern Europe’s doorstep, having a historical existance very sad known as quite simply tragedy after tragedy, after tragedy!

    The only title fit to be given to the land formerly known as Muscowy and Kingdom, and Kublai’s Kahnate on the Volga, is the “Land of Endless Tragedies”, and endless Thievery, endless paganism, and endless decay of anything civilized, and an embarrassment to sense of civilization, in every sense of the existance of these tragic Asiatic Nomads caught on Europe’s Eastern Doorstep! Quite simply put, the existance of the peoples called the Tragedies, living in the Volga River Region are the things which have always, and still continue to drag every other people on the planet down into Gehenna, where they come from, in the Gobi Desert, with them. If only some great act of God, would clean them up, and put them back on their camels in the Gobi Desert, the whole world could return to civilized peace. But until then, tragically for the world, and the people called the Mongolian Tragedies of Moscow, nothing will ever change until the Plagues of Moses come upon those unwelcome Asiatic Pagan Trespassers and thieves, on Europe’s eastern Doorstep! Poor beings could learn an authentic Indo European language, but do not, and instead continue to speak a dialect of Bordt, mixed with pure Mongolian.

    Soon enough, those plagues of Moses will come upon those Tragedies, of children on Kublai Kahn living in the volga river region, and return these imposters back to their homes in the Gobi Desert, where they belong!

    Ergo, there is no such thing as Russia, and never has been, except for the mixed Germanic Viking and Slavic peoples living across natural borders from the Mongolian Finno Urgic peoples,

    and there is no such thing as any Soviet Union, just another tragic tragedy of an attempt to rebuild the foundations of Kublai Kahn’s pagan empire by a mixture of jews and mongols, and never has been!

    All things in the Volga River Region are the children of Mongolia, and should just refer to Mongolia, as being Mother Mongolia, and never even dare to call themselves rusyns, because they are mongols, and not rusyns, nor scythian slavs, nor germanic vikings, which are authentic Indo European peoples!

    Throughout history the definition for the people living in the Volga River Region, and east of are categorically listed as Kublai Kahn’s Pagan Imposter Tragedies!

    THE KKPIT, not the CCCP, because no such thing as a CCCP ever existed. THE CCCP was a cover up for an embarrassment to the rest of the universe in truth known as the JEWISH MONGOL IMPERIALIST UNION!

    so, the only fitting title is the Tragedy, of child of Mother Mongolia, with underling titles of KKPIT, and JMIU!

    Very simple! Russia does not, and never has existed east of the Kuban, and Pale Settlement!


    but America should call Demjanjiuk a Hero of Freedom, and a hero of America, and this great nation should begin paying damages to the family of Demjanjiuk for defamation, and libel, and also for trampeling his rights as a Citizen of the USA and a veteran of freedom for the liberation of peoples during World War 2!

    America is not alone in trampeling his rights under God, but Israel, and Germany, as well as the body of leadership now still at the Kremlin and Moscow are all guilty of trampeling his God given rights, and all should begin paying damages to the Demjanjuik family, but America where rights are taken for granted and should be defended more, not less, is most to blame for engaging the peoples of the Volga in helping to bring their tragedous and treacherous existance and way of doing things, to our nation’s borders! This must stop, or civilization is doomed, and the Tragedy spreads itself against the values of Christian Civilization!

    America is greatly and heavily shamed by this farce of justice, which has hurt the identity of a land known as the land of the free and the home of the brave! And that is final!

  3. The only people, and only government which can fix the status quo of the Mongolian Tragedies living in the Volga River Region, which belong back in the Gobi Desert on Camels, are the people and goverment of Mexico!

    Mexico should imprison, and baptize all the Tragedies of the Volga River Region back into the Catholic faith, and make them conform to the ways of Christian Civilization, that toxic tragedy after toxic tragedy, after toxic tragedy not be allowed to flow from across the East of the Ural Mountains, nor south on the Volga into Central and Western Europe anymore.

    And the people which should be made the heads of the Mexican Government of Moscowy and Kingdom should be the Romanii Gypsies, and it should only be romani gypsies from now on which hold the offices of tax-collectors of Mexican Dominion over the Mongolian Tragedies/“Der Untermensch” living in the Volga River Region, and it should be the Romani Gypsies which baptize the Mongolian Tragedies, back into the Catholic Church and back into civilization!

    And any remnants of Communism, and or the KGB-FSB shall be locked up in prisons above the Arctic Circle in Siberia, or made to clean sewer cesspools and sewage treatment plants from now on, in Jesus Christ name, I decree blessings for the Romanji Gypsy Mexican Government now righteously civilizing the people living in the Volga River Region, and baptizing them back into civilized Greek Chechnyan Catholocism, after their escape into pagan darkness under the rule and reign of Kublia Kahn! AMEN!

    Moscow will now serve as a spring board from which Mexican Missionary work shall travel east across Siberia to spread the light of Christianity in the Romanji, and Spanish Languages which are more Indo European in origin than the dialect of Bordt and Siberian Mongolian spoken in Moscow at the present time. Amen.

    The Romanji Gypsy and Mexican People shall straighten out these “Der Untermensch”/Mongolian Tragedy races of the Volga River Region, most efficiently and quickly, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

    There shall be no substituting of the word Vulgarities, for the word Tragedies, and that is final! Now, that a properly fitting government shall be installed upon these “Der Untermensch” of the Volga Region, Civilization shall prosper, bloom, and spread again, as an end to the dark ages and midieval existance of the Mongolian Tragedy living in the Volga River Region comes to an end, and light shines upon these barbarians once again. Amen.

  4. It would be very useful to get the German Munich District Court or German Appelate Court statement regarding Demjanjuk’s “presumed innocence” and publish it verbatim. At the moment, Haaretz, an Israeli news agency, is the only organization that has published anything about this.

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