King of the Kovbasa, only in the Praries (hilarious video!)

Here’s something you’d only see in Saskatoon, the ‘Paris of the Praries’:

Kovbasa makers from Saskatoon and surrounding area will again go head-to-head on Feb. 9 in a taste-testing competition/party that celebrates local food purveyors and Saskatchewan’s Ukrainian history.

(It) welcomes experienced kovbasa tasters and those unfamiliar with the traditional sausage. Everyone will have a good time, she said.

“When you get a group of Ukrainians and wannabe Ukrainians together, you can’t help but have fun,” she said. “If I were you, I’d wear your ‘forgive-me’ pants.”

The event is also picking up a lot of attention online, with a video going viral of the Global Saskatoon news flubbing the announcement with hilarious results:

The event will also feature the Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble, and tickets are $25. It starts 7pm this Thursday Feb. 9th at Prairieland Park - 503 Ruth Street West, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


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