U.S. Honors Stalin on Hallowed Ground, Will Saddam Hussein Be Next? [Article]

From the Huffington Post:

Astonishingly, in America, the National D-Day Memorial is honoring Stalin by placing his bust on a pedestal at its museum in Bedford, Virginia.

This misguided move will haunt millions of Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, Jews, etc. whose families were massacred by this Soviet tyrant. Stalin’s killing machine slaughtered more people than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did.

Although Stalin eventually became an Ally to the West, does he deserve a monument?

Stalin only gave lip service to the allies so that they would attack Nazi Germany on the Western front. Stalin did not liberate Eastern Europe from the Nazis in 1945; he sent in Soviet troops that occupied half of Europe until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Stalin the communist barely hid his disdain for capitalist America during WWII, and once the war ended, he began the Cold War and ordered his scientists to work on missiles and nuclear weapons that could destroy the United States.

Given McIntosh’s logic, should America put up a statue of Saddam Hussein because he was an ally of the U.S. in the 1980s when we supported Iraq in a war against Iran?

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WSET covered this last month:

Memorial officials say the statue is not meant to celebrate, but rather illuminate a moment of time.

“Stalin is a part of the story, he’s not there because we honor him, he’s there because he’s a critical piece of the puzzle and if you want to understand D-Day, that’s what its there for,” McIntosh said.

The statue was made possible by a private donation.

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You can contact the offices to let them know your thoughts and if you would ever visit their memorial site or donate after they erect this monstrosity.

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