Ukrainian Canadian podcast round-up – Nov 2 2009

The Great Hunger (National)

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CBC Radio – Ideas: In Ukraine in 1932 and 1933 there was a different kind of famine – the holodomor, “death by starvation”: an expropriation of the harvest, during which perhaps 8 million died.

Philip Coulter went to Ireland and Ukraine to ask some questions about what happens to a society when the great hunger is over. What has changed, how do people look at each other, how do they look at themselves? And how does such an event ripple down through history, its deep currents shaping the lives of later generations.

Nash Holos (Vancouver)

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Nash Holos: Judy has a recipe and shares childhood memories of making “keestu” (homemade noodles). Fr. Edward Danylo Evanko shares a Bible story. Proverb of the Week, upcoming community events, and great Ukrainian music!

Ukrainian Time (Montreal)

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Ukrainian Time is a Ukrainian-language radio programme serving the Montreal community since 1963 and is hosted by Valentyna Golash. Material is often presented in English and French. Ukrainian Time is the media, which bonds the Ukrainian community in Montreal. The one-hour show is broadcast from Radio CFMB 1280 AM in Montreal on Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. and archived on this page for a few weeks at a time.

Ukrainian-Americans on the vote (USA)

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PRI – The World: Roughly one million Americans claim Ukrainian ancestry. Many have been very worried about Ukraine’s powerful neighbor Russia. And they’re paying close attention to what the U.S. presidential candidates are saying about Russia, as The World’s Jason Margolis reports. (From Oct 2 2008)

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