National Capital Commission Approves Name for Ottawa Monument: "To Victims of Totalitarian Communism"

We reported earlier this week on the politically incorrectness of erecting the victims of communism memorial, but now a compromise has been made:

TORONTO, Sept. 22 /CNW/ – The National Capital Commission (NCC) approved the title "A Memorial to Victims of Totalitarian Communism – Canada, a Land of Refuge" for the monument to be built on national capital region land to the more than 100 million victims of totalitarian communism.

Tribute to Liberty, the group behind the memorial, has already added "totalitarian" to the intended wording to appease federal naysayers, but is now facing further difficulties over what NCC members allege is a "provocative" reference to communism. The NCC wants to excise any reference to a specific ideology from the memorial and dedicate it to the victims of totalitarianism in general, watering the project down into bland nothingness.


Possibly the worst communist criminal of them all, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, left a butcher’s bill that runs into the tens of millions. His relentless paranoia fuelled repeat purges, mass starvation, ferocious internal security and gulags, which destroyed generations and fed off the minds and bodies even of those tasked with keeping the slaughterhouse running. But, today, the 20th century’s most ruthless criminal is lionized in Russia as a man who got things done, while his chief henchmen are commemorated on stamps and statues. There is even a brand of Russian cigarettes, Belomorkanal, named after a prison camp where 100,000 died.

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