Weekend watching: Land leasing in Western Ukraine

Sorry can’t embed the video, but from BBC’s newsnight did a three-part series on Britain’s predicted world resource shortage in 2030. On their land portion of the program, they showed how numerous countries are leasing Western Ukraine’s fertile land and what it could mean for the independence of the nation:

You could call it the latest foreign invasion. No tanks this time, but a state-of-the-art agricultural army is on the move.

In large swathes of the country fleets of ultra-modern combine harvesters are bringing in the harvest from new mega farms.

Food security

But it is not Ukrainian money and know-how which is driving this agricultural revolution. It is foreign governments and companies.

Richard Spinks’ company is centred in fertile western Ukraine

The Libyans are negotiating for land here, as are the Russians and others.

Many governments are looking to secure land overseas as a way to ensure the food supply to their country does not fail.

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