Ukrainian news round-up – August 18, 2009


Russian President Launches Flame War vs. Ukraine Wired News • Medvedev attacks Ukraine leadership Financial Times • Glowering at Ukraine Globe and Mail • Russia and Ukraine Trade Barbs New York Times • Putin’s Reset Button: Pressing Ukraine American Thinker • Is the Mayor Fit for Office? Some Say Yes, Some Say No New York Times • Europe´s Share in the Ukrainian Malaise American Chronicle

Russian Relations

Kirill’s Visit Exposes Dangers in Moscow-Kiev Ties New York Times • For Ukrainians,Ukraine is Ukraine;’ for Russians, ‘Russia is Russia plus Ukraine” Georgiandaily • Ukraine Has Nearly 3000 Russian-Language Schools, but Russia has None of Ukrainian language schools Georgiandaily • Ukraine says Russian navy pollutes Black Sea: report AFP • Eight Reasons to Become Ukrainian The Moscow Times


Ukraine’s Steel Data Offer Hope Wall Street Journal • Ukraine economy shrinks 18 percent Daily Times • Ukraine: in 2008/09 MY sunflower oil production to break the record Agrimarket Consulting • Turkey outpaces Ukraine in becoming secure transit country for Russia Today’s Zaman • Ukraine Pays Russian Gas Bill The Epoch Times • Ukraine attracts USD 254mn from Canada to build telecom satellite. ISI • Ukraine to finance local gas pipelines United Press International

In & Around Ukraine

UFOs are real according to Ukraine’s first astronaut • Yiddish author Josef Burg dies in Ukraine JTA • Skull pieces found in Ukraine likely journalist’s The Associated Press • DONALD CLARKE meets the Ukrainian-born supermodel turned actor Milla Jovovich Irish Times • Crimea’s Only Ukrainian-Language Weekly Resumes Operations RadioFreeEurope  Crimea Printer Dooms Lone Ukrainian-Language Weekly RadioFreeEurope •


Fesenko leaves Ukrainian national team Salt Lake Tribune Fesenko • Iran colts go down fighting to Ukraine Iran Sports Press • Klitschko to defend WBC crown against Arreola The Associated Press • Warsaw set for Euro 2012 final; Ukraine descends into infighting World Football Insider • Iverson could be beat out in Miami by rookie Yahoo! Sports


Ukrainian sand artist proves that reality TV’s got talent

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