Sask. Deputy Premier Ken Krawetz given ‘Award of Excellence’

From the Leader-Post:

REGINA — Deputy Premier Ken Krawetz is being honoured at home and abroad for promoting awareness about the virtually unknown genocide in Ukraine.

On Saturday night, the 58-year-old politician received the Award of Excellence from the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada in recognition of his efforts to raise awareness of the 1932-33 famine-genocide in Ukraine known as Holodomor.

Last year, Krawetz introduced legislation to set aside the fourth Saturday of every November as a day to remember the millions of people who starved to death because of Soviet policies. The legislation was passed on May 6, 2008.

"The significance of the Act ties to two things: the world doesn’t know about this — that’s No. 1," Krawetz said in an interview Saturday. "The government of Ukraine and the president there have indicated that they want the message to get out that in fact a genocide had occurred."

He said it’s difficult to know how many people perished in one year, but it’s between seven and 10 million deaths.

"When you compare that to the Holocaust, which was an horrendous act, it matches in terms of the people who lost their lives — it’s probably equivalent to the same number," Krawetz said. "When it was raised by people of Ukrainian descent here in the province throughout the previous year, after it was marked in Ukraine, then it came to our government."

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