Biden & Yushchenko visit Holodomor memorial, talk women and churches at a bar and split a Coke (Updated)

Yesterday after landing in Kyiv, US VP Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko went to a Holodomor memorial to lay candles and plant trees. After that they headed to the pub where they had a traditional American Coca-Cola. While Yushchenko was talking about Ukraine’s beautiful churches, Biden was overheard saying:

I cannot believe that a Frenchman visiting Kiev went back home and told his colleagues he discovered something and didn’t say he discovered the most beautiful women in the world. That’s my observation.

Full article is available at Ukrainian Pravda (now with an English Translation via Google)

Update: The NY Daily News has posted their top 10 hottest Ukrainian women, but I think they have missed TV actress and Ivano-Frankivsk native Oksana Lada who’s been on the Sopranos (that had a little Ukrainian in the final episodes), 30 Rock and CSI Miami.

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