ROM’s Mysteries of Ancient Ukraine can thank recent events for long-lost history

From the National Post:

Had the Orange Revolution never happened, Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko could never have designated the chair of the Royal Ontario Museum’s board of governors for a special mission.

The request: that Temerty and the ROM staff assemble, with the assistance of Ukrainian cultural institutions, an exhibition about the Trypilians, a people who lived in that part of the world thousands of years ago. Now, thanks to the Ukraine’s recent Orange Revolution, the museum has created the first major showcase on this continent of the little-known society that lived during the Neolithic revolution. Mysteries of Ancient Ukraine: the Remarkable Trypilian Culture (5400 – 2700 B.C.) opens tomorrow, filling a large part of the third floor of the Toronto museum with a collection largely consisting of earthenware containers and trinkets.

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Mysteries of Ancient Ukraine runs until March 22, 2009. A special Ukrainian Day takes place Sunday, find out how to visit for free!

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