Holodomor Remembrace flame roars through the Praries

UPDATE: More details have been added for cities

The Holodomor Remembrance flame was in Winnipeg on Sunday and got its first mainstream media coverage. There was no mention anywhere when it made its debut in Toronto last Friday. The Flame will be escorted at these events by Holodomor survivor Stefan Horlatsch (bio). If you know of any pictures, please let us know in the comments! Here are the dates for the rest of the tour in Canada:

Soviet Union remains in cyberspace

From CTV:

MOSCOW — The Soviet Union may be in the dustbin of history, but there’s one place the socialist utopia lives on: cyberspace.

Sixteen years after the superpower’s collapse, Web sites ending in the Soviet “.su” domain name have been rising — registrations increased 45 percent this year alone. Bloggers, entrepreneurs and die-hard communists are all part of a small but growing online community resisting repeated efforts to extinguish the online Soviet outpost.
Russian nostalgia for the Soviet empire is part of the story. Nashi, or “Ours,” is a pro-Kremlin youth group that gained notoriety for raucous protests against Kremlin critics. The group loyally praises President Vladimir Putin at “nashi.su,” though it denies its choice of the “.su” domain was meant to send a political message.

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According to Wikipedia:

.su was assigned as the country code top-level domain for the Soviet Union on September 19, 1990. 15 months later the Soviet Union ceased to exist. It remains in use today, even though the Soviet Union itself no longer exists, and is administered by the Russian Institute for
Development of Public Networks.

In 2001, the managers of the domain stated that they will commence accepting new .su registrations, but it is unclear whether this action is compatible with ICANN policies. ICANN has expressed intentions to terminate the .su domain, and the IANA states that the domain is being phased out,[1] but lobbyists stated in September, 2007 that they had started negotiations with ICANN on retaining the domain.[2] In the first quarter of 2008, .su registrations increased by 45%.[3]

No surprise here. Nashi is the new Hitler Youth, and their members will defend Czar Putin no matter what with a skewed sense of nationalism. How can you expect less from a leader who still thinks the USSR exists today? Putin reportedly told Bush at the NATO summit:

“You see, George, Ukraine is not even the state at all! What is Ukraine? Some part of its territory is the Eastern Europe, some its part, the greater part, is our gift!”

Of course if you’ve been keeping up with this crowd you would know this has been their mentality for years and everyone knows it.

Democrats post racist anti-Ukrainian ad against Congressmen

A very racist advertisement from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was put out a few weeks ago, against Republican Congressmen Bob Schaffer from Colorado who’s grandparents were born in Ukraine. Schaffer served actively as co-chairman of the Congressoinal Ukrainian Caucus and made frequent trips to Ukraine during his service in the House of Representatives, including being a member of the US delegation monitoring the parliamentary and local elections in Ukraine.

The ad below is very anti-Ukrainian and the Mexican mariachi music is also quite insulting:

It’s very interesting how they twisted the quote from “he accomplished more in that country [Ukraine] with less effort than I have in my own district” to “he helped the Ukraine more than his own district…”.

Contact the DSCC in Washington with your complaints. It also doesn’t hurt to complain to Democrat candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. There is also a letter of complaint posted from the Hollywood Trident Foundation.

Passing the Torch: Holodomor Remembrace flame debuts in Toronto

This past Friday, April 18 2008 the International Remembrance Flame arrived in Toronto to commemorate the events marking the 75th anniversary of the Holodomor. It arrived in city hall to kick off the opening of the exhibit Holodomor: Genocide by Famine presented by League of Ukrainian Canadians & The League of Ukrainian Canadian Women.

Here are our pictures from the event, we will try to have more details up soon:

UPDATE: More pictures and a report are available here (middle of page).

UPDATE #2: Someone recorded the event and put it on YouTube!

‘The English Surgeon’ to air in Toronto next week at Hot Docs

The Hot Docs 2008 film festival is fast approaching and runs in Toronto from April 17th to 27th.  One of the most talked about documentaries is The English Surgeon, an intimate portrait of a brain surgeon working in an ill-equipped Ukrainian hospital and dealing with the moral and ethical issues that often exist between doctor and patient relationships. Directed by Geoffrey Smith, the film candidly addresses issues that affect us all.

Here’s the trailer:

Screenings and tickets details:
2008 Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival

First screening:
April 21st at 9.30pm – Bloor Cinema

Second screening:
April 23rd at 4.00pm – Isabel Bader Theatre

Tickets are also available for purchase at the Documentary Box Office:
87 Avenue Road, Hazelton Lanes (Upper Level)
Phone: (416) 637-5150

or at www.hotdocs.ca

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