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Ukrainian wedding wins honeymoon on bridal show [Video]

Last night on the Slice channel, some Ukrainian flair was shown on the wedding show ‘Four Weddings Canada’ where brides rate each other’s weddings and the winner receives a free honeymoon. A Toronto Ukrainian couple’s wedding was featured at St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church near Ossington station St. Nicholas church near Trinity Bellwoods. The reception had Ukrainian dancers and helped them beat out the other brides for the grand prize, an all paid-for honeymoon. You can watch the entire episode online (it starts around 30:00):


Also, check out some pictures from the event:



Jason Kenney on Canadian immigration, Ukrainian documentary and KGB op Lennikov

A recent episode of the Ukrainian-Canadian affairs show Kontakt aired an interview with Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney. A great interview, where many good topics were touched upon:

  • Immigration Issues in Canada
  • Super Visas and family sponsorship
  • Canada’s position on democracy in Ukraine
  • Asylum of former KGB operative Mikhail Lennikov
    Definitely worth a watch:



The long-lost CBC documentary – Ukrainian-Canadians: A Time to Remember

In 1988 the CBC produced a great documentary exploring the history of Ukraine, its culture and its politics as it reached across to Canada through 100 years of immigration. It covers the origins of Ukrainian nationalism, the waves of immigration to Canada and their challenges, and even looking forward as to what it means to be a Canadian of Ukrainian descent – before the collapse of the Soviet Union! It was produced in commemoration of 1,000 years of Christianity in Ukraine and I highly recommend a watch, if for anything the 80’s hair-do’s and aviator glasses Smile:

[Ukrainian-Canadians: A Time to Remember]

Please keep in mind this off a VHS tape, so the quality isn’t as great as the videos nowadays. I just happened to stumble across this video at the library, and I couldn’t find any more information about it online, and had never heard about it before. It has no DVD version that I’m aware of, and is not on the CBC Archives site.

As the government dismantles their libraries , and the CBC abandons their music archives, along with the transition to digital, I wonder how many great Ukrainian works will be lost to time? It’s happened to civilizations before us.


Weekend Watching: Taras Shevchenko mentioned on ‘House’ (Video)

As I wrote about on Facebook Monday, I noticed a Shevchenko painting on the preview for that night’s ‘House’ episode, where his Ukrainian “wife” was returning to get her green card to stay in the country. While I cringed at the thought of a stereotypical mail-order bride type plot, I was happily surprised by the outcome including this tidbit:

House even said ‘Ukraine’ without the ‘the’, but pronounced the capital Kiev. Oh well, still pretty good though!


King of the Kovbasa, only in the Praries (hilarious video!)

Here’s something you’d only see in Saskatoon, the ‘Paris of the Praries’:

Kovbasa makers from Saskatoon and surrounding area will again go head-to-head on Feb. 9 in a taste-testing competition/party that celebrates local food purveyors and Saskatchewan’s Ukrainian history.

(It) welcomes experienced kovbasa tasters and those unfamiliar with the traditional sausage. Everyone will have a good time, she said.

“When you get a group of Ukrainians and wannabe Ukrainians together, you can’t help but have fun,” she said. “If I were you, I’d wear your ‘forgive-me’ pants.”

The event is also picking up a lot of attention online, with a video going viral of the Global Saskatoon news flubbing the announcement with hilarious results:

The event will also feature the Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble, and tickets are $25. It starts 7pm this Thursday Feb. 9th at Prairieland Park - 503 Ruth Street West, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.