It’s easy for those who have never been on the receiving end to downplay or dismiss rampant discrimination against the Ukrainian language. But those who have can tell you that it’s very real and has been going on a long time. From the vantage point of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada, it has been fascinating (if distressing) to […]

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Erasing the Orange Revolution

The Orange Revolution was an important event in Ukraine’s history and independence, as the people demonstrated their will and helped elect their chosen leader past a wave of corruption, breaking their obedience to Moscow and their Soviet past to form a new relationship with the West. Breaking from reliance from Moscow has not been easy […]

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Ontario’s Holodomor Bill on its way

From the Toronto Star: Levac (L–Brant), Klees (PC–Newmarket-Aurora) and DiNovo (NDP–Parkdale-High Park) come from three different parties, so their collaboration was as novel as it was uplifting. Together, they had drafted the province’s first-ever tri-sponsored private members’ bill. And it had just passed third reading to establish the fourth Saturday in November each year as […]

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