‘Svitohliad’ returns as ‘ForumTV’, what do you think? (Watch the entire episode)

Last summer, Rogers TV axed many of its self-produced diversity programming on Omni1, including Ukrainian program Svitohliad, in order to cut costs after a disappointing financial quarter. The announcement came without warning and was made effective immediately, leaving a large void in the community. The only other show left was Kontakt (which was not effected because it is […]

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Svitohliad casualty of Rogers’ layoffs

Tuesday’s layoff announcement at Rogers sent shockwaves as it decided to end all of OmniTV’s produced diversity programming, which included Ukrainian news show Svitohliad. Other notable diversity programming included Polish, Greek, Japanese and Tamil. The channel has been airing multilingual television since 1972, bought by Rogers in 1985 and re-branded as Omni1 and Omni2 in […]

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Stalin’s genocide on Parks & Rec

On a recent episode of Parks & Rec, Leslie mentions Stalin’s genocide. Stalin has only ever been accused of one genocide: the Holodomor. Subtle, but we’ll take it! Parks and Rec: Recognizing Stalin’s Genocide from Andrew UkrCdn on Vimeo. Personally, I think Parks & Rec has overtaken The Office as the funniest comedy on Thursdays. […]

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