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Ukrainian on Family Guy (Video)

On last week’s Family Guy, Lois found herself in ‘Foxy Boxing’ and was up against an opponent from Ukraine – but quite surprisingly was able was speak Ukrainian herself:

Lois: I’m sorry there’s been a terrible mistake, my idiot husband booked this match without my knowledge… Bell rings – Punch!

Peter: She’s from the Ukraine Lois, she doesn’t speak English.

Lois: Alright, мені шкода про вас… Punch! (Roughly translated: ‘I feel sorry for you…’ – thanks Taras)

Peter: She’s from the other part of the Ukraine, it’s a different dialect.

Joe: Did you know where the Ukraine was ’cause of my globe?

Peter: No, I saw it in a book.

Joe: *sigh*.. you knew, ’cause of my globe – you dick!