Recount no help as Borys Wrzesnewskyj loses seat (Updated)

Edit: I’ve updated this post using a much more detailed Toronto Star article as opposed to the smaller CBC one I posted earlier.

In a nail biter that was decided by only 26 votes before and after the recount, Borys Wrzesnewskyj lost his seat and strong Liberal riding of Etobicoke Centre to Conservative Ted Opitz.

Update: There was a surprising number of people who seemed to have voted for Borys but filled out the ballot improperly, if there were more than 26 of these it could have delivered him a victory:

Over the long-weekend, about 800 questionable ballots were reviewed by a judge, with lawyers for the candidates making arguments for or against the admissibility of each.

There were plenty of problems, according to Wrzesnewskyj, who sat in a nearby room waiting for the final results on Sunday night.

Some voters simply circled their choice. Others couldn’t keep their X in the lines. Others just crossed out the names of candidates they presumably didn’t like.

A surprising number of voters used the ballot to write messages to their favorite candidates, Wrzesnewskyj said.

Some drew hearts.

In the meantime, a silver lining. After the “agonizing” recount process was complete, Wrzesnewskyj’s lawyers offered some encouragement.

“If it’s any consellation,” they told him. “None of the other candidates got hearts.”

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