Weekend watching: Ukrainian dancing doc in Roncesville & Bigfoot in Ukraine

Saturday at 4pm at the Revue Cinema of Roncesville (just south of Dundas West TTC station), UNF is showing an encore of the Ukrainian dancing documentary Folk!:

Folk! is a documentary that explores the unique underground and acrobatic world of Ukrainian folk dancing through the eyes of narrator/filmmaker Roxy Toporowych. Featuring the legendary ballerina and choreographer Roma Pryma Bohachevsky and the Syzokryli Dance Ensemble of New York, “Folk!” is relevent to anyone trying to balance ties to one’s heritage and culture. Also featuring the Virsky National Dance Company of Ukraine, the Kashtan School of Ukrainian Dance in Cleveland and The Voloshky Dance Ensemble of Philadelphia, Folk! is the first film to be a joyful embracement of Ukrainian culture and dance in North America today.

You can get more information on their Facebook page

Also a quirky video coming out of the internets, as someone in Ukraine claims to have identified the legendary Big Foot:

MSN doesn’t allow embedding of their videos, click the picture to go to the video

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