Postcard campaign to remove KGB Lennkiov from Canada

The UCCLA continues to bring light to the attention of Canadian authorities dragging their heels to enforce a court ruling to remove a KGB operative currently hiding out in a local church:

The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association has launched a postcard campaign to pressure the government to deport Mikhail Lennikov, a Burnaby resident and former KGB agent who has been in church sanctuary for more than a year.

In recent weeks, the association has been distributing postcards, which read "No KGB in Canada," to the public and mailing them to politicians, the RCMP, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Canadian Border Services Agency.

The Canadian government wants to send Lennikov back to Russia because he worked for the KGB for five years in the ’80s. Canadian immigration law states members of an organization that spied on a democratic government are not allowed to stay in the country unless the public safety minister deems they are not detrimental to national security.

Luciuk also questioned "well-intentioned but ignorant MPs" who have thrown their support behind Lennikov.

"The reality of it is it’s not a matter of opinion. The law is clear," he said.

The federal government’s position is the same: "The immigration and refugee board and the courts have determined that Mr. Lennikov is not admissible to Canada under our laws. The removal of admissible individuals is key to maintaining the integrity of the immigration program and to ensuring fairness of those who come to this country lawfully."

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For those new to Lennikov, you can read about the facts of the case, how some sympathetic media are twisting the facts and what they don’t want you to know about it.

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