Weekend Watching: Holodomor Survivors Part 1

This month as we approach Saturday November 28th: Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, across all of Canada and some cities in the US – we are going to highlight some survivor testimonies from HolodomorSurvivors.ca

These interviews are in Ukrainian, but full English translations are available by going to their YouTube pages and clicking ‘more info’.

Maria Firman (nee Martyniuk)

Describes harassment of her father by the authorities. Describes her mother being beaten by a brigadier for taking grain stalks from a field. Describes her mother’s and sister’s death from starvation.


Stefan Horlatsch

Describes how his mother hid food to feed her family, and the harassment she faced at the hands of the authorities.


Oleksandra Jamniuk (nee Leyba)

Describes the collection of corpses from the streets of Kharkiv, where she was attending university. Describes how she was unaware that the Famine was man-made until arriving in Galicia in the late 1930s.



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