Manitoba welcome host for guest workers in Canada [Article]

From the Toronto Star:

Posting an article  I came across about the immigration booming towns in Manitoba:


The workers come from Latin America, Africa, China and Ukraine. Their biggest hurdle is English. The biggest shock for most is winter. Then there’s the fact that Brandon’s sidewalks seem forever rolled up.

“The first impression is this is not Europe,” says Sergii Smagytel, 35, who arrived from Ukraine in April 2008. “We were scared. Nobody walks on the sidewalk. It was very, very strange for us.”

Collins says each migrant worker costs Maple Leaf about $6,000. That includes recruitment, medical exams, permit application fees, one month’s rent, a month-long bus pass, free cafeteria food for a week, and a bed with linen and pillows.

Sergii Smagytel was a beekeeper in Ukraine. “We always knew at school about Canada, that it is a great country,” he says in English. He’s planning on buying a house and bringing over his wife and their two kids, 4 and 1.

“I came not because I wanted to,” he says. “I came for my children. I know that if they get an education in Canada, the whole world will be opened to them. I believe so.”

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