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Discovering a hidden Ukrainian Canadian ebook repository

August 31st, 2009 No comments

With Sony unveiling a new ebook reader across Canada last weekend, I stumbled upon an e-book repository called Our Roots that is a Canadian initiative to digitize books that cover Canada’s diverse nationalities and Ukraine is quite represented!

There were so many books on the Ukrainian Canadian experience that I couldn’t possibly list them all (but that shouldn’t stop you from trying). Here are some notable ones I’ve come across:

 Svieto : celebrating Ukrainian-Canadian ritual in east central Alberta through the generations


  Ukrainian people places : the Ukrainians, Germans, Mennonites, Hutterites and Doukhobors and the names they brought to Saskatchewan


Ukrainian Pioneer Days in Early Years 1898-1916 in Alvena and District, Sask.


Ukrainian rite Catholic Church : an account of church activities in Calgary


Ukrainian vernacular architecture in Alberta



Vita : a Ukrainian community : it’s background and beginnings.

Maple leaf and trident : the Ukrainian Canadians during the second World War

Heroes of their day : the reminiscences of Bohdan Panchuk

Hawaiian ordeal : Ukrainian contract workers, 1897-1910

Pioneer profiles : Ukrainian settlers in Manitoba

Hardships & progress of Ukrainian pioneers : memoirs from Stuartburn colony and other points

Spruce, swamp and stone : a history of the pioneer Ukranian settlements in the Gimli area

Reflections and reminiscences : Ukrainians in Canada, 1892-1992

Multiculturalism and Ukrainian Canadians : identity, homeland ties, and the community’s future

Between two worlds : the memoirs of Stanley Frolick


Galicia and Bukovina : a research handbook about Western Ukraine, late 19th and 20th centuries

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Weekend watching: Land leasing in Western Ukraine

August 28th, 2009 No comments

Sorry can’t embed the video, but from BBC’s newsnight did a three-part series on Britain’s predicted world resource shortage in 2030. On their land portion of the program, they showed how numerous countries are leasing Western Ukraine’s fertile land and what it could mean for the independence of the nation:

You could call it the latest foreign invasion. No tanks this time, but a state-of-the-art agricultural army is on the move.

In large swathes of the country fleets of ultra-modern combine harvesters are bringing in the harvest from new mega farms.

Food security

But it is not Ukrainian money and know-how which is driving this agricultural revolution. It is foreign governments and companies.

Richard Spinks’ company is centred in fertile western Ukraine

The Libyans are negotiating for land here, as are the Russians and others.

Many governments are looking to secure land overseas as a way to ensure the food supply to their country does not fail.

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Some articles from Ukrainian Independence day 2009 (updated)

August 27th, 2009 No comments

Ukrainian Festival speaks of food, fun and freedom Asbury Park

37th St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Festival draws crowds

Photo Gallery from Toronto Ukrainian festival

Ukrainian Independence (w/ video) – Binghamton, NY Sadly this is Binghamton’s first Independence day without Maria Zobniw who was murdered earlier this Spring in the Binghamton shootings.

Edit: Added some more videos

Kyiv Military Parade

Official reception by Chicago mayor

Sacramento, CA

Northern California

St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church

Chicago-Smith Park

Tryzub 2009

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Ukrainian news round-up – August 26, 2009

August 26th, 2009 No comments
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Ukraine celebrates its 18th independence day

August 24th, 2009 No comments

On August 24, 2001 the Ukrainian parliament passed a declaration of independence, establishing Ukraine as a democratic state.

President Victor Yushchenko criticised domestic and foreign detractors on Monday and said Ukraine needed strong institutions to parry threats to its future prosperity.

"I choose a strong state, strength and dignity, to put in their place not only our local feudals but also foreign overlords who want to set down how we should live," Yushchenko said in his 25-minute address. "I choose a full-fledged future for our country in the future of a united Europe."

For the second year running, several thousand servicemen paraded down Kiev’s main thoroughfare, Khreshchatyk Street, and about three dozen aircraft, fighters, bombers and large military transports, roared overhead.

Kyiv Post

Taras (as usual) provides excellent local coverage of the military parade. Also, Putin congratulates Tymoshenko on Ukraine’s Independence Day. Science Centric looks at Russian-Ukrainian inter-ethnic relations 18 years on:

Read more…

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