Xpиcтoc Bocкpec!

Photo: Христос Воскрес! – Easter Table with Food from the Basket

I’m a little late with this post, but I hope everyone’s Easter went well. Here are some articles I’ve highlighted:

Today, Sts. Volodymyr and Olha remains a symbol of Chicago’s rich ethnic history. On Saturday, it was also the scene of a unique Eastern European religious tradition—the blessing of the Easter baskets.

In a parking lot behind the church, hundreds of people gathered with Easter baskets. Many were filled with decorated eggs, bread, salt, pepper and sausage while Rev. Krotec blessed each one with holy water

a Winnipegger has perfected a way to recycle fragments of intricately decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs into lasting artworks.

"I’m the only one in the world that’s doing this," says Dave Wasylyshen, who painstakingly pieces together mosaics out of the colourful eggshells, then coats the finished works with clear plastic resin.

Yushhenko expressed confidence that the Ukrainian people will come through the current ordeals, since the Ukrainian nation is a great and strong nation. "Let us believe in ourselves. Honestly, openly and with love as a united family should," Yuschenko said.

Tymoshenko wishes Ukrainians the rule of peace, agreement, and comfort in their families. Tymoshenko wants the blessed idea of Easter – the triumph over evil forces – to come to the everyday life of Ukrainian families and the life of the Ukrainian nation.

Thousands of Orthodox faithful, carrying torches and bundles of candles signifying the 33 years of Jesus’ life, packed into Christianity’s holiest shrine today to celebrate Easter Week’s holy fire ritual…

Ukrainian, Russian and Greek believers were most heavily represented at the church.

Not everyone celebrates Easter at the same time — or in the same way. While many of us celebrated Easter last weekend; for others, Easter is this weekend.

Orthodox Easter — or "the other Easter," as some refer to it — is being celebrated now.

"Easter is the feast of all feasts," Father Brent Kuzyk of Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Regina pointed out.

And while there are lots of articles available about Orthodox followers celebrating Easter, the majority of Ukrainian Catholics around the world celebrate it at this time as well.